Jennifer Leebow ARNP
Jennifer Leebow,  ARNP
Jennifer Leebow ARNP
Jennifer Leebow ARNP

The Injectors

Labb Aesthetic Beauty Bar
Barbara C. Brandt, ARNP-BC

Medical Director

Patrick Szaraz, NP-BC

Dr. Faiz Fatteh, MD  completed his undergraduate degree at Emory University and his medical school at University of Miami. He holds a board certification in Internal Medicine and currently works in private practice in Florida Acute Care Specialist. Dr. Fatteh is a pioneer in innovate healthcare technology. He has engineered several programs geared toward implementing cost-effective healthcare that have received numerous awards and grant funding. He is currently working on a project with the CEO of Humana Health Systems.

Facility MD Roles:

  • Compliance - Local,  State, and Federal  
  • Product Accounts
  • Protocol and Operational
Patrick Szaraz NP-BC

Meet the BOTOX Cosmetic Labb Injectors.  These providers are highly trained experts in the art of Aesthetic Injectables. Our Labb Specialists are not a “Jack of All Trades” but a master of ONE.  They are dedicated to focusing exclusively on BOTOX and fillers to design and create a more enhanced and fresh, younger version of you!  Whether you desire a completely natural look or you want the “Extra Pouty” lip look, The Labb specialists can deliver exceptional results, every single time.  With the evolution of fillers, the specialists can create just about any look desired or correct a flaw by administering the exact amount of Hyaluronic Acid in the proper areas to give you exactly what you want.  Just because we have earned our wrinkles, doesn’t mean we have to wear them.

Melissa McKinney, ARNP-BC