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Patrick Szaraz, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, started his transformation right here in Miami. Attending the University of Miami, he completed his bachelors in business management and second bachelors in nursing.  Starting his career as a nurse began in the University of Miami hospital’s orthopedics department.  It was there he gained a love of patients and they gained a love for him. Throughout his journey he trained at the esthetics skin institute specializing in botox and fillers.  Recognizing his dedication to patients, he was offered the role of orthopedic nurse practitioner. At this time he works concurrently with his role as one of the lead injectors of Labb Aesthetics Beauty Bar, combining art and science to create beauty and fulfilling his dream career as an aesthetic nurse practitioner. “I couldn’t be more enthused to work with such an amazing, progressive and knowledgeable team.”

Patrick is an extremely positive and charismatic individual whose sense of humor and good will sets even the most nervous patients at ease.  Working tirelessly to remain on the cutting edge of aesthetics to optimize every patient’s results and experience, he looks forward to meeting you as much as you will him.

Patrick Szaraz MSN, NP-BC, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Located in Miami, Florida has trained with the industries leading injectors, illuminating his practice and appreciation for the vast improvements injectables and aesthetics make in peoples lives.  His love for the field of aesthetics and his patients, makes it easy to understand why his experiences and results are so valued.  

“I’ve always had an interest in medicine and plastic surgery.  However, early on in college I realized the assembly line of patients seen on a daily basis by their doctors wasn’t for me.  With much review, I came across the nurse practitioner field and aesthetics.  At that point I was sold.  I would combine the Patch Adams effect with the glamour of Nip Tuck and there I had it…my dream career.  Not many people can say they enjoy going to work each day, but for me, its just another day in paradise getting to help people make their lives even better.”

Patrick Szaraz, NP-BC

Patrick Szaraz NP-BC
Patrick Szaraz, NP-BC