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  • ​We value safety.

  • We value science.

  • We value technology.

  • We value beauty.

  • We value you!

The LABB is a BOTOX & Filler Beauty Bar combining science and art to create beauty.  We are aesthetic experts who specialize in injectable aesthetic procedures designed to enhance your natural beauty.  We provide our patients with the highest quality experience and products at an affordable price.  We pride ourselves on empowering our patients aesthetic experience through education and knowledge; enabling us to deliver results in such a way that the patient feels confident and comfortable. 

The LABB has defined itself from the crowd of other plastic surgery/ dermatology or Medspa by specializing in one thing and one thing only; injectables.  We are the best at what we do.   We have seen anything and everything pertaining to injectables, and our goal is to give our patients the safest, best, and most consistent results.   We do not offer any procedure or product that has not been fully vetted by the FDA, AAD or ASPS.  Each Nurse practitioner is qualified to handle any ER medical situation by background, but by training and practice, all we do is injectables.  Our subsequent training has been hyper focused on mastering our craft. 

LABB Aesthetic Beauty Bar abides by a simple mantra: Just because we have earned our wrinkles doesn’t mean we have to wear them.

With this philosophy in mind, Chancis and Smith and their team of Certified Injectable Experts focus on the needs of each individual client, offering naturally age-defiant results for lines and wrinkles, extra pouty lips, and everything in between. The LABB providers are trained to analyze all aspects of the face of each client, from bone and muscle structure, to lifestyle, age, nationality, offering recommendations and solutions for the best and most beautiful version of every client. ​​

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Our Mission  

to  deliver the most exceptional client experience and results of beauty enhancement through the use of cutting edge science, technology, and aesthetic craftsmanship on the most convenient platform.

Our Vision 

​We are committed to delivering on each client’s needs whether through injectables,  skincare, or a combination of both, to enhance the overall APPEARANCE, while keeping health and safety our number one priority.  Utilizing advanced sciences and technology, we strive to educate our clients on the range of options available to achieve the end result they so desire. We are committed to our own continuous education to consistently distribute the most current information on the market to the diversified Consumer. 

About the LABB
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