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Juvederm ​​​​​VOLBELLA XC
Do you want well-defined, gorgeous and flawless lips?
Mine currently are! - by 

If you’re reading this, you probably have been having the same problems I’ve had until recently. I must admit that every time I was lining my lips and applying my red lipstick I got pretty mad!
Those lines and wrinkles around my lips made me crazy! I spent more time trying to fix multiple flaws in spite of using the perfect lip liner than doing my entire makeup. Sounds familiar, huh? I bet!
Then, when I received the invitation from botoxLABB  to try VOLBELLA XC, I carefully read all the information on the press release and decided to try it!
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So, a couple of weeks ago I went to botoxLABB in South Beach. A perfect and beautiful injectables-only suite where, their Medical Officer Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, injected my lips with the ultimate Lip treatment JUVEDERM VOLBELLA XC.
You only have one face, so you always need to go for the best!
I must confess I researched a lot before saying yes to have my lips injected since I’ve seen many beautiful women ruined their lips after getting the wrong injectables, or by the wrong hands! I strongly believe that before you go to have any procedure done, you must be very selective.
Thus, I Googled Their Nurse Practitioner, and learn about her experience and credentials. She’s one of the best and most renowned Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners in South Florida, and her patients love her commitment to getting them the best results. You ALWAYS need to go for the BEST! You must trust the Doctor or Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner; you’re visiting to fix whatever might be bothering you. Never settle for the cheap! After all, you only have one face, and you should care about it!
What made me say YES and try it?
First of all, JUVEDERM VOLBELLA XC is manufactured by Allergan, the same company that had brought us Botox, Latisse, and Juvéderm. So, it made me feel very confident because it is an exceptional and innovative brand. As I said before, I only have one face!

​ One of the things I value most in a skincare professional and make me feel at ease is the interest and care they have for the patient’s needs and medical history.  Their Nurse Practitioner wanted to know everything about my past procedures, needs, medical conditions and expectations about VOLBELLA. Then she told me everything about this soft gel filler, its properties, its effects, and answer all my questions and concerns. She clearly understood everything about me, before proceeding.
She started by applying an anesthetic cream to avoid pain since the lip area is quite delicate. Nevertheless, VOLBELLA contains lidocaine to improve patient’s comfort. Their Nurse Practitioner was extremely careful while injecting my lip contour and explaining how the gel filler was working. After she’d finished, she applied Arnica gel all over my lip area. She gave me all the necessary instructions to follow and provided a small cold pack to avoid swelling.
The results are quite impressive! My lip borders and Cupid bow look great now; they are significantly more defined which make my lips look naturally plumped!

I don’t get upset applying lipstick anymore; I got rid of the lines and my lips look flawless.
Best of all?
According to medical studies, VOLBELLA can last up to twelve months, which is extraordinary, since most injectables last far less.
Conclusion: If you want gorgeous, defined and flawless lips, pay a visit to the labb! You’ll thank me later!
Thanks to the LABB, botoxLABB and Allergan for Partnering with me for this post!

JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC now offered in our Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale locations! we are excited to offer our patients VOLBELLA XC as the newest FDA approved soft gel filler manufactured by Allergan. Our patients have been asking for a filler that fills in lip lines and wrinkles around the lips and the borders, often referred to as 'lipstick lines'. What we are impressed with is that it is so subtle and yet very effective without creating too much volume and shows very little to no swelling. It is a wonderful alternative for those who just want to restore their natural volume and youthfulness. In addition, it contains lidocaine local anesthetic to improve patient comfort.

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