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Juvederm Ultra + 1ml (one Syringe) to upper and lower lip for augmentation 
Restylane Silk 1 ml Syringe for the treatment of perioral lines (smoker's line) 
Juvederm Ultra + 1ml Syringe to Oral commissures (lip corners) and to enhance and slightly augment the body of the upper andLower lip) 

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Juvederm Ultra +  1ml Syringe ( one Syringe) to upper and lower lip 
Juvederm Ultra + 1ml Syringe (one Syringe) for upper and lower lip augmentation  
Juvederm Ultra + 1ml Syringe to Oral commissures (lip corners) and 2 Radiesse 3mls (2 Syringes) to right and left cheek and parenthesis lines 

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Juvederm Voluma 2 mls total for Right and Left cheek (one Syringe each cheek) and Naso-labial folds or parenthesis lines And 1ml Restylane Silk 0.5 ml each tear through (under eye) filler done with cannula 
Juvederm Ultra + 1ml Syringe (one Syringe) 
Upper and lower lip 

Botox 20 units to frown lines, 20 units to forehead, and 20 units to crowfeet (around the eye) - Total of 60 units of Botox for a full correction of expression lines  
before and after results
Juvederm Ultra +  1ml Syringe (one Syringe)